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What is GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS for fleet tracking uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to monitor and track vehicles in a business fleet. Generally, a GPS module is installed in each vehicle to track the vehicle’s precise location. The modules can also monitor a wide variety of vehicle information including speed, engine start up and shut down, routes and idling.

The information from each vehicle is then often transmitted to a remote user. Depending on the GPS fleet tracking system used, remote users can view maps of vehicle locations and routes or access available reports on vehicle status via the Internet or specialized software.

Business owners, fleet managers and dispatchers commonly use GPS fleet tracking to improve fleet routing and expedite dispatching. In addition, GPS can be used to monitor unwanted driver behavior, reduce fuel consumption, prevent theft and provide various operational efficiencies. Many businesses find that these various cost-cutting benefits of GPS fleet tracking outweigh any costs for the system.

The Fleetmatics solution goes beyond traditional GPS fleet tracking to provide a variety of customizable manager reports that give managers the ability to gauge the effectiveness of their fleet in the field. Customized alerts notify management of unwanted driver behavior and can be used to encourage fuel-saving practices.

GPS fleet tracking has gained wide-spread popularity in the European market and is quickly emerging as an essential business tool in the United States. Once fleet owners install GPS tracking in their vehicles, they quickly discover how important the technology is in streamlining and improving their entire operation in ways never imagined.



Imagine getting a complete, up-to-the-minute picture of your fleet, whether you’re at your desk, on your tablet computer, or using your smartphone. With the Fleetmatics GPS tracking system, you get just that:

i) The location of your fleet vehicles in real time, 24 hours a day from anywhere

ii) The historical status of each vehicle, including when it started up and shut down, as well as its idling status, location, speed, and more

iii) Preventative maintenance information to recognize potential risks

It’s all made possible through our user-friendly GPS Tracking interface that more than 17,000 customers use to easily and effectively manage their vehicle fleets. When using our GPS Tracking system, access is made quite easy with the use of a username and password. For more information on GPS Tracking and the benefits of using Fleetmatics, schedule a demo today.


Get Total Visibility into Vehicle Fleets

With our easy-to-use web-based and mobile fleet tracking applications, you can simply and affordably improve the way you manage your commercial vehicles. How? By tapping into all the vehicle and driver behavioral data at your fingertips to make smarter, timely decisions that help:

- Increase productivity

- Contain fuel costs

- Reduce labor costs

- Improve fleet safety and security

- Enhance customer service

- Minimize operating expenses

- Go green

- Reduce unauthorized vehicle use

View the exact location of every vehicle in your fleet in real time

Live Fleet is available 24/7 and uses mapping by Google Maps API Premier to give you the most accurate maps available with current traffic information. With satellite and hybrid views, you can also provide route information based on visual landmarks to drivers in the field. You can also utilize the "Ride Along" feature which uses Google's Street View, allowing you to virtually sit beside your driver seeing everything he is.

Color Coding Vehicles and Grouping When you look at Live Fleet, assigning a color to different types of vehicles can be beneficial to help visualize if your drivers are where they need to be. If you have multiple techs all working at one job site, but you have three different projects going on at once, you can color code vehicles by job so at a quick glance you can verify that your techs are at the right place.

Going a step further, you can place drivers into Groups. Once a driver is in a group, you can run reports and filter your dashboard by groups you’ve assigned so you can view drivers who are on the same project, have the same job role, or by any other criteria that works best for you. These groups will allow you to more accurately compare drivers with similar job roles, and the groups aren’t mutually exclusive so drivers can be categorized any number of ways.

Fleetmatics helps you respond to customer needs faster and with greater accuracy. With the use of Live Fleet and several reports, you can:

i) Get to your customers faster and respond quickly to customer emergencies

ii) Beat your competition to prospects

iii) Provide historical proof of service

iv) Provide more accurate delivery estimates

v) Make service calls more efficient

vi) Allow your customers to track your vehicles from your website



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Crazy Concept Computers

Ever think computer company product planning sessions consist of throwing one wacky concept after another against the wall to see what sticks? Not much does and sure enough, the ash heap of tech history is littered with flubs, flops and FUBAR fiascos designed to fly high but destined to fail. Every so often, though, a diamond emerges from the dung heap and everything changes – the cliched “paradigm shift”. Here are 15 of the coolest, craziest computer concepts you’ll see today; diamonds in the rough perhaps but easy on the eye fer shure!

From Unbreakable Codes To Incredible New Computers, Quantum Technology Is Clearly The Future

Since the advent of personal computers, the name of the game has been miniaturization.
How small can we shrink down transistors? How many of those transistors can we cram onto a computer chip? This is one of the main strategies in making our computers faster and more powerful.

But we're quickly approaching an inconvenient plateau – very soon, the idea of shrinking down computer parts just won't be possible and won't make any sense. When an electronic component is just a few atoms wide, how do you improve on that?

We recently spent a week in Moscow surrounded by some of the world's brightest scientific minds to learn all about quantum technology – what it is, where it's heading, and how it can make our lives better. The International Conference on Quantum Technologies, sponsored by the Russian Quantum Center, saw professors, theorists, and physicists of all stripes come together to present their ideas to each other. The results were astounding.

"We're running out of ways to make computers faster and quantum technology is clearly the next step," Professor Vladimir Shalaev told Business Insider.

"Quantum technology" is a blanket term for technology that makes use of the weirdness of the quantum world to accomplish tasks. Some classic examples of this "weirdness" are most readily found in electrons, which are part of essentially every atom in the universe. They can move forwards and backwards in time, exist in two places at once, and can even teleport by way of a process called quantum tunneling.

This smacks of magic, but it's very real, having been confirmed by countless experiments over the past hundred years or so. Quantum mechanics, for all its quirks and idiosyncrasies, is one of the most tested and verified theories in physics.

In practical terms, quantum weirdness is already laying the foundation for unbreakable codes, computers that can crunch numbers at an unbelievable rate, and super-speedy database searches. We asked Sergeui Beloussov, serial entrepreneur and partner at QWave Capital, what it would take to get the average person to care about this stuff.

"The average person shouldn't care about quantum technology!" he said. "Do you care how your microwave works, or do you just care that it works?" He's a proponent of quantum technology that disappears into the background of whatever device you're using, leaving you free to enjoy its capabilities without worrying about the complicated math and physics that make it work.

Beloussov seems most intrigued by how quantum technology can change hardware companies. He used MRI design as an example: "If you've ever been in an MRI, you know it's not fun. It's noisy and you have to lay perfectly still for a long time. There's no reason for MRIs to suck like this. We could use quantum technology like an atomic magnetometer to shrink down the components of an MRI machine until they're so small and affordable that there's one in every doctor's office."

Perhaps the sexiest application of quantum technology is in computing. A quantum computer is one that uses quantum bits, called qubits, instead of standard bits to interact with information. Where the bits in your Mac or PC can only represent a one or a zero, a quantum computer's qubits can represent a one, zero, or a one and zero at the same time. This enables the computer to perform many calculations at once, significantly reducing the time required to solve a problem.

A computer that can carry out multiple operations at a time represents a great leap forward. Suddenly artificial intelligence can be a little less artificial. Huge numbers can be factored nearly instantly, an important development for code-breaking and Internet security.

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